Fair Wages Commission

Too many people in BC are working hard, often in more than one job, but still not making ends meet. Many workers tell us: we needed a $15 minimum wage yesterday! After many years of mobilizing, now is our opportunity to show the government that we need this increase for all employees, no exceptions.

Most people living in poverty are working, and almost half of the poor children in BC live in families with at least one parent working full-time. The current $11.25 minimum wage is still not enough to allow workers to escape poverty. A single person working full-time, full-year at $11.25 would still be below the poverty line in Vancouver and other large cities in the province, and a person with a child would be far below. In addition, agricultural workers, liquor servers, live-in caregivers, resident caretakers, and live-in camp leaders receive separate wage rates which can leave them earning below $11.25 an hour. Earnings must be high enough to enable people to make ends meet.

Thanks to your hard work, the provincial government has launched a new Fair Wages Commission. The first round of consultations are officially closed, but we can still keep up the pressure! You can also use this helpful form from the Fight for $15 campaign to send an email to the Fair Wages Commission.

Read BCPRC community organizer Trish Garner’s full presentation to the Commission.

Read BCPRC member, Living Wage for Families Campaign ‘s submission to the Fair Wages Commission.

Read BCPRC member, the Cranbrook Social Planning Society’s submission to the Fair Wages Commission.

Read BCPRC member, First Call: BC Child & Youth Advocacy Coalition’s submission to the Fair Wages Commission.

Read BCPRC member, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s submission to the Fair Wages Commission.

In Spring 2018, there will be further consultation on bringing the minimum wage in line with the living wage. This can be done through investment in universal childcare and social housing. We’ll share information about these further consultations, when we receive it closer to that date.