Poverty Myth Busters

to disprove beliefs about poverty, that simply aren’t true.

Myth #1
Jobs are the answer

Myth #2
Welfare’s there when you need it

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Why Poverty Myth Busters?

Whether you’re at a party, having dinner with your parents, at the bus stop, or listening the news, whenever there’s a discussion about poverty, you will no doubt hear things like “the situation in BC isn’t that bad”, how “the poor are lazy” and they just need to get a job, or that those on welfare are taking advantage of our world-renowned social assistance programs.”

This is why the Poverty Free Action Team has launched this campaign. It’s time to bust these poverty myths and get to the root of the problem!

Did you know that BC has had one of the highest poverty rates for the last 15 years?

While the ideas you often hear about poverty almost seem to make sense – especially if the person saying it is a friend, a relative, or even a professor – they are in fact incorrect! They are myths that put the blame on the less fortunate for their situation, while reneging on our collective responsibility and values of caring for each other, supporting those who need it, and making sure that we all share equally in the wealth and beauty of our communities.