2013 End Poverty Day: Student Day of Action

On October 17, 2013, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, students once again raised their voices to fight poverty in BC!

As part of this annual campaign, students from Princess Margaret Secondary made this great video:

Students from around the province organized activities with their teachers and schools to raise awareness about child poverty in BC. This year, 14 schools in BC got involved!

The activities were varied and fun, and included some of the following:

  • Princess Margaret Secondary students ran the Sole Challenge again, which involves getting students and teachers to give something up for the day: cellphone, make-up or even shoes.
  • Students at Charles Dickens Elementary School played a “penny scramble” game, where pennies represented wealth. After playing the game, the students decided to distribute them so that everyone had enough to meet their basic needs. This game (here’s the lesson plan) led to lots of great discussion about fairness and justice.
  • At Point Grey Secondary, students made a banner for the front hall and had a table where they shared facts and information about poverty with the rest of the school.
  • The University of Victoria Poverty Law Club organized a screening of the film “Taking the fall and rising,” a local film about the Victoria street community, and used it to discuss issues of poverty in the province.
  • Kwantlen University students got together to make and give out free soup and information.

These ideas and events were organized with the support of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, and both students and teachers offered very positive feedback on our Support Package, which you can continue to use throughout the year.

Also, you can hear the following interview, made by BCIT’s Radio Evolution, with Trish Garner of the Poverty Reduction Coalition, where she talks about the importance of a Poverty Reduction Plan for BC:

Check back in next September and register your school to get involved!

“The whole goal of this is not to ask for donations but to help raise awareness about poverty issues and hopefully motivate the government to do something about this.”
Gurpreet Dhaliwal from Princess Margaret Secondary in Surrey