Fair Wages Commission

Liquor servers are set to receive the minimum wage by 2021, but farmworkers, resident caretakers, and live-in camp leaders, will continue to have less protection. Read our reaction to the government’s decision here.

Too many people in BC are working hard, often in more than one job, but still not making ends meet. Many workers tell us: we needed a $15 minimum wage yesterday! BC has the highest working poverty rate in Canada so increasing the minimum wage is part of rebuilding the economic security of British Columbians and tackling rising inequality but the 420,000 people currently earning less than $15 will still be struggling for years. It’s simply unacceptable to leave people in poverty yet we continue to do so.

The BC government’s announcement to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour is good news for low-wage workers in BC but the long timeline will continue to keep workers in poverty for too long. Following the recommendations from the first Fair Wages Commission report, the government will increase the minimum wage incrementally until reaching $15.20 in 2021.The Fair Wages Commission report itself states that no one among the presenting employers “felt that it was possible to live on the minimum wage.” Workers and community advocates presenting to the Commission brought that reality to life with stories of the hardships and the impacts on worker’s health, family, and community.

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