Join the Call

Five quick and easy ways to make a difference today!

STEP 1:   Join the Call

STEP 2:   Build the Call: Add your organization to the growing list of supporters

  • If any organization you are associated with (whether it’s work, church, sports or anything else) would like to join the list of supporters, please contact Viveca.
  • For more information, please go to the Organizational Support page.

STEP 3:   Stay informed

STEP 4:  Tell your politicians

  • Email the Minister of Poverty Reduction (and other relevant political leaders).
  • Meet your MLA and talk to them about poverty in BC. Do they support establishing an accountable, bold and comprehensive Poverty Reduction Plan? The decisions MLAs make for our province affect what’s happening in your local community, and you can help make sure they make the right choices.
  • Send a message to your MLA’s Twitter feed, Facebook page or other social media platforms.

STEP 5:   Pass it on

  • Add a link to your website or email newsletters urging your viewers to join the call.

Thank you, your actions have made a difference today! Now help spread the word even more! Get involved in our current campaigns and use the Action Toolkit to raise awareness in your community.