BCPRC 2019 Budget Submission

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The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services wrapped out their Budget 2020 consultations today. British Columbians were invited to participate by speaking at public hearings, by making a written, audio or video submission, or by completing an online survey. The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition wrote a submission to push for the substantial investment needed for an effective poverty reduction plan.

In the submission, we argue that:

“Many of the government’s investments and commitments have been focused on families and children, including the Child Opportunity Benefit to be implemented in January 2020, the Child Care BC plan building towards universal child care, and the expansion of the Rental Assistance Program, only available to families with children. While targeting children is critical to preventing poverty, more action must be focused on single individuals who face very high rates of poverty (1 in 3), and are often far below the poverty line in deep poverty. We look forward to these investments in the BC Budget next year to ensure that no-one is left behind. We appreciate the opportunity to make further recommendations in this submission for an effective poverty reduction strategy, and thank you for considering them

An Accountable, Bold and Comprehensive poverty reduction plan for BC is the solution to save lives and promote equality.

As it says in the Budget 2020 Consultation document, budgets “are about people…and how we can work together to build a strong, sustainable future for our province.”

We encourage you to choose a future that includes all those who live, work and play in our beautiful province so that more British Columbians are able to thrive not merely survive. We thank you for your government’s commitment to lift people out of poverty and we look forward to seeing the necessary investments to strengthen the poverty reduction plan and reduce inequity in the budget next year.”

Read the full submission here.