Employment Standards Submission

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Until March 31, the provincial government is seeking feedback about employment standards. The consultation focuses on six areas:

  • increasing protection of child workers
  • transforming the Employment Standards Branch
  • supporting families through difficult times with job-protected leaves of absence
  • strengthening workers’ ability to recover wages/monies owed
  • clarifying hours of work and overtime standards
  • improving fairness for terminated workers.

The BC Federation of Labour has created this quick and easy email tool for you to participate!

Click here to send your message.

And here’s a snippet of our submission that we’ve just sent in – you can read it in full here.

We believe that enhancing and restoring the coverage and enforcement of employment standards is an important element of an accountable, bold and comprehensive poverty reduction plan. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to engage in the open consultation process to “modernize” the BC Employment Standards Act (ESA/Act), which currently fails to protect vulnerable workers. As minimum protections for workers have been eroded and enforcement of these minimum working conditions has been slashed, the worst impacts are on vulnerable workers including:

  • low-wage workers, working at minimum wage or close to minimum wage
  • workers with temporary, gig and precarious jobs
  • temporary foreign workers, undocumented workers, and workers with other precarious immigration status

With this in mind, we support the submissions of our members and allies at the BC Employment Standards Coalition (BCESC), the BC Federation of Labour (BCFed), First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition (First Call) and the Living Wage for Families Campaign (LW).

Read more here.