Letters calling for an Accountable, Bold and Comprehensive plan!

People across the province are writing letters to the editor about the desperate need for an accountable, bold and comprehensive poverty reduction plan. Today, two of those letters were published. Write your own at!

Published in the Burnaby Now:


Since our last provincial election, all three provincial parties have committed to implementing a poverty reduction plan.

The people have given their mandate. We cannot allow deep poverty and the housing crisis to continue.

We needed a plan yesterday, but now are looking forward to the implementation of an accountable, bold and comprehensive plan today.

This is the need of the hour for our province.

Our survival as a “Beautiful B.C.” for all depends on it.

Sarah Long, Burnaby

Published in the North Shore News:

Dear Editor:

Re: Following through on the What We Heard about Poverty report.

The Public Health Agency of Canada states that social and economic status “seem to be the most important determinants of health.” It is unacceptable that 557,000 British Columbians are dealing with the health consequences of poverty.I will be watching for the government’s poverty reduction plan with a keen eye. It better be accountable, bold and comprehensive. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

I can’t believe that in the year 2018 in Canada, and after 16 years of B.C. Liberal Party rule, that I would be writing your newspaper to prompt action on “poverty reduction.” Human decency would expect that the basic needs of citizens and individuals be met in a supposedly social democratic state like Canada. Please do your part, either by publishing this letter or doing an editorial on the plight of poverty.

Byron Bona
North Vancouver