BCPRC Submission for the Clean Growth Strategy

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The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition submitted our perspective to the government’s public consultation through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy about the development of a clean growth strategy for British Columbia. We want to ensure that there is coordination between the poverty reduction strategy and the clean growth strategy. The government has provided three intention papers for consideration: clean transportation; clean, efficient buildings; and a clean growth program for industry. Unfortunately, none of the proposed initiatives apply a “poverty/equity lens” to ensure accessibility to low income people.

Given that key themes identified in the What We Heard About Poverty in BC report recently released by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction include affordable transportation, housing operating costs, and education and training for good jobs, this is a missed opportunity that needs to be addressed.

Including a poverty/equity lens in the development and implementation of the Clean Growth Strategy is necessary for the success of the poverty reduction strategy. Without this whole-of-government approach, neither strategy will reach their full potential.

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