Meet your MLA – It’s as simple as ABC!

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Earlier in July, the government released their “What We Heard About Poverty in BC” report. Thanks to your participation in consultations across the province, this report clearly demonstrates the entrenched and interconnected issues that any poverty reduction plan must address. We urgently need an accountable, bold, and comprehensive poverty reduction plan.

The government now plans to table legislation in the fall and launch a poverty reduction plan in February 2019. It was years of community pressure that convinced the government to take action, and community action this summer will be pivotal in determining the content of this plan. Let’s make sure that every MLA across the province recognizes that British Columbians are expecting an accountable, bold and comprehensive plan!

Can we count on you to meet your MLA and share with them the important role they can play in pushing for a strong poverty reduction plan? We’ve created step-by-step instructions for arranging such a meeting and resources to help prepare for it. It’s as easy as ABC!

Here are step-by-step instructions (it’s most effective to meet your MLA in person but, if you’re short on time, send them an email!):

  1. It can be more effective to meet as a group and demonstrate that poverty impacts our whole community. Click here to find Community Champions who have volunteered to lead delegations in their riding. If you don’t see a champion in your community, you can email us to volunteer for that role.
  2. If you don’t have a Community Champion in your riding, click here to email your MLA and directly request a meeting.
  3. Use these resources to help you focus on the issue:
  4. Make sure to let us know how your meeting went! Send us a photo with this poster in front of your MLA’s office (or with your MLA if they’re willing).

We look forward to hearing how your meetings go!