Submissions to the BC Poverty Reduction Consultations

As we work to overwhelm the poverty reduction consultations with calls for a strong poverty reduction plan, we’ve received many emails from concerned British Columbians across the province. Two of these people have generously shared their important submissions to the Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultations with us. Read them and then make your own submission using our easy-to-use email tool!

Bernice Kamano recommends that people working with First Nations homeless community need to understand the historical realities of the lives of First Nations Homeless communities, that First Nation community liaisons, be hired to work with the Ministry and the First Nations Homeless community, and that the BC Poverty Reduction Strategy host specific workshops addressing First Nations’ Homelessness. Bernice writes that:

The first and most important part of the BC Poverty Reduction Strategy workshops, is addressing the reality of First Nations’ Homelessness and ways to address the issues and trauma created from IRSS, and the Scoops that are both historical and current. These are specific issues only First Nations people experiencing homelessness community members face.

Read Bernice’s full submission here.

Brent Winterbottom describes how the welfare system has been gutted over the past twenty years, and that this is the source of many challenges today. He recommends that:

The BC Welfare Act should be re-evaluated, all previous levels of support from the Canada Assistance Plan reinstated with inflation and cost of living annual review, raising the basic level of support to the poverty line, and the bureaucratic system they have created for eligibility be totally thrown out, and rewritten so as people can get this assistance without huge barriers as it is currently.

Read Brent’s full submission here.

Make your own submission to the Poverty Reduction Consultations here!