Talking Poverty Ep3: Talking Disability Assistance with Heather McCain

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Heather McCain, Executive Director of Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods, generously spoke with the Poverty Free Action Team about a new report, Sharing Our Realities: Life on Disability Assistance in British Columbia.

Heather explained, “As a person with a disability and as executive director of an organization for people with disabilities, I can tell you there is a lot of consultation, but unfortunately a lot of the ‘consultation’ is a check in a box. It’s ‘did we consult with people with disabilities? Yes.’ The question is: are you going to listen to people with disabilities? Are you going to implement what they said is needed? Are you going to work with them to improve things? Consultation is great, but that is the first step, and we need to make sure that it’s followed through all the way.”

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