Vancouver Sun Series: BC’s Working Poor

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Over 100,000 working-age people in Metro Vancouver were working but stuck below the poverty line in 2012, not counting students and young adults living at home with their parents. The Vancouver Sun published a week-long series by Lori Culbert and Tracy Sherlock about working poverty in British Columbia. Click the links below to read all seven reports in the series.


March 24: Meet the B.C. workers who can’t afford life’s necessities.

March 27: It’s all about jobs, but some don’t pay enough or offer enough hours.

March 28: Affordable, universal childcare would help more women work.

March 29: Metro Vancouver’s sky-high cost of housing compounds poverty.

March 30: Access to upgrading and language education helps people out of poverty.

March 31: Many working people rely on food banks to feed their families.

April 1: B.C.’s working poor: Reducing poverty expensive, but possible