Make Poverty Public

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BC has the second highest poverty rate in Canada, but is now the only province without a poverty reduction plan. The lead-up to May’s provincial election is a window of opportunity for you to let candidates from all parties know that you want to vote for someone willing to make a commitment to a poverty reduction plan. Just as we pool our resources to provide public health care and education to all, we must work together to provide public poverty reduction. We need to Make Poverty Public.

Visit our election website at to learn how to take action.

Election Toolkits

Make Poverty Public Election Toolkit

A call is building across British Columbia for a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy. You’ve heard the call and joined the call, and now you want to pass it on to your local MLA candidates. The lead-up to May’s provincial election is a window of opportunity for you to get the attention of candidates in your riding. This guide will give you some tips for getting started, provide you with a brief overview of the political context, the breakdown of poverty in BC, and offer suggestions for some engaging questions. Click here to download.

Celebrations of Humanity: Organizing an All-Candidates Meeting for your Community

All candidates meetings are a good opportunity to hear from your local candidates on the issues you care about. However, they can become platforms for candidates to talk about the issues they care about or to provide a “laundry list” of election promises. This guide will support you in keeping the focus on your community and your issues by providing practical steps for hosting a Celebration of Humanity, an all candidates meeting with a twistClick here to download.

Visit our election website at for more resources for taking action.