Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks Support BC Poverty Reduction Coalition’s Rally for a Poverty Free BC 


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Lettuce Turnip the Beet on Poverty Reduction – Poverty Free BC Action Week

British Columbia remains the only province in Canada without a formal plan to reduce poverty. The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks agree with the Dieticians of Canada that the underlying cause of food insecurity is financial constraints. Not having enough money to pay for food. An effective and comprehensive poverty reduction plan is critical for achieving food security. 

The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks join together with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition to bring attention to this issue as we approach our upcoming provincial election in May 2017. We are working to raise our voices together to show candidates in the provincial election that we’ll be voting for politicians that commit to a strong and thorough poverty reduction plan. A comprehensive strategy with seven overarching policy areas and specific actions has been identified and can be read here.

February 25, 2017 to March 3, 2017 is Poverty Free BC Action Week, a week of engagement, leading up to the Poverty Free BC Rally on March 4th. Each day of the upcoming week lines up with an essential pillar the proposed poverty reduction plan:

February 25: The Fight for $15 and good jobs. February 26: Equity. February 27: Health. February 28: Education. March 1: Child care. March 2: Welfare and Disability. March 2: Welfare and Disability. March 3: Housing. March 4: Rally.

Our campaign, Lettuce Turnip the Heat on Poverty Reduction – Vote! is designed to make the connection between poverty and food insecurity. We have designed an infographic/fact sheet to accompany each of the 7 pillars identified in the Poverty Reduction Strategy. Each pillar of the Poverty Reduction Plan will have significant impacts on alleviating hunger. We will release one info sheet per day on our Facebook and Twitter throughout the Poverty Free BC Action Week. Please help us by resharing this information.

Learn more how you can Turnip the Heat on Poverty Reduction. Join the call.

VNFNs represent 14 neighbourhoods across Vancouver and engage with the most marginalized community members, witnessing first-hand the detrimental impact that barriers to accessing food and abject poverty can have on complex health conditions, such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and cardiovascular disease. It is often those with the greatest need for high quality nutritious food that face the most difficult barriers to accessing it. Find us on Facebook at @VancouverFoodNetworks and Twitter @VanFoodNetworks

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