When will the government start listening to British Columbians?

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It’s that time of year again. Every fall, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services holds province-wide public consultations on what people think should be included in the next provincial budget. And every fall, community groups of every stripe, ourselves included, dutifully present to the committee or send in a written submission.

But a chorus of voices has been making this call for years and it continues to fall on deaf ears – not on the part of the committee, but rather the government. In fact, the bi-partisan committee has recommended a provincial poverty reduction plan for the last three years after hearing the call come up again and again in consultations throughout BC.

So this year, let’s all write. Perhaps with an election on the horizon, now is the time for listening. Especially if we’re so loud, we can’t be ignored. We’re stronger together. So let’s all tell the government to listen up!

We invite you to use all or part of the Coalition’s submissions when you send in your own to the Budget 2017 Consultation. The deadline is Friday, October 14th.