Fostering Change: Write the Future

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Most young adults in BC can count on financial support, relationships and family connections to help them get a good start in life. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

Cut off from support at 19, youth aging out of foster care too often end up homeless, don’t finish high school, and have no one to turn to in their 20’s.

But you can change this.

Sign the petition today, and help write the future for youth aging out of foster care.

“We believe youth aging out of foster care should be able to count on three things until age 25:

  1. Consistent financial support with basic living costs like housing, transit, and food while they attend school, learn skills, and find work.

  2. Long-term relationships with caring dependable adults for support, advice, and references, so that they always have somewhere to turn.

  3. A chance to connect and contribute to their communities through creative, cultural, and volunteer   activities, so that they feel like they belong.

We believe this will make a difference, and ask community, political, and business leaders to commit to a plan that includes these supports.”