CCPA Reports Address Pillars of Poverty Reduction Plan

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The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives have recently released two reports illustrating the interrelated challenges that could be addressed by a poverty reduction plan, and detailed recommendations on policy solutions to these challenges.

Shameful Neglect: Indigenous Child Poverty in Canada

Shameful Neglect report cover

This report calculates child poverty rates in Canada, and includes the rates on reserves and in territories—something never before examined. The report also disaggregates the statistics and identifies three tiers of poverty for children in Canada, finding the worst poverty experienced by status First Nation children (51%, rising to 60% for children on reserve). The second tier encompasses other Indigenous children and disadvantaged groups (ranging from 22-32%), and the third tier consists of children who are non-Indigenous, non-racialized and non-immigrant, where the rate of 13% is similar to the OECD average.

The authors call for immediate action to resolve the ongoing crisis affecting Indigenous people across the country, and recommend a poverty reduction plan for reserves that would: report poverty rates on reserves and in the territories; improve direct income support; improve employment prospects on reserves; and begin to implement longer-term solutions.

Read the full report here.
Shameful Neglect report cover

Getting Serious About Affordable Housing: Towards a Plan for Metro Vancouver

The housing market in Metro Vancouver is broken, and we need more rational planning and management in the interests of local people. This paper proposes a bold affordable housing solutions agenda, including an ambitious program of public re-investment in social and co-op housing, putting the brakes on absentee ownership, and progressive property taxation options. Read the full report here.