BCPRC urges School Districts to support BC Safer Schools Coalition’s recommendations

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On June 15, 2015, the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition published a letter addressed to School District Trustees in BC, urging them to implement policies and take action in support of students with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions.

The letter detailed the coalition’s position with regards to the BC Safer Schools Coalition:

At our January 26, 2015 Coalition Meeting, BCPRC members unanimously voted to join the BC Safer Schools Coalition’s call for school board policies that:
• Explicitly protect students, staff, and families from harassment based on all forms of oppression, including homophobia and transphobia
• Encourage curriculum, resources, and accommodations that foster dignity and respect across all differences, including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression
• Require professional development opportunities for educational leaders and school staff to implement policies, deliver curriculum, and support students as outlined above.

The coalition further explained the importance of policies such as these:

Without family support, school safety and inclusion, in policy and practice, can have a direct impact on reducing queer and trans homelessness and long-­term poverty.

You can read the full letter here.