Frozen: BC Welfare Rates Haven’t Risen in Eight Years, The Tyee

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On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, Vancouver’s The Tyee published an article reviewing the desperate situation that thousands of British Columbians live in, as the 8-year mark since the last increase to social assistance rates approaches. In the article, Trish Garner, community organizer with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, reflects on the missed opportunity that BC’s government had in the recently released 2015 Budget:

“We’d have loved to see a significant raise in the welfare and disability rates.” “From my position, it’s unreasonable the government can expect people to survive on such a small amount.”

As for what could be done to remedy the situation, Garner explained that the main issue is not an economic challenge, but rather a will to correct this injustice:

“I think it’s very apparent it comes down to political choice and who benefits from government funding. We can see it’s the rich overwhelmingly over the poor.”

You can read the full article here