Highlights of 2014!

Thank you for being part of a great year of events, campaigns and, most importantly, big impact! This year, we won an award for our groundbreaking documentary, had the privilege to work with the amazing Bif Naked, and had some political wins! We’re small but mighty (or we like to think we are anyway!) – just 1.5 staff here to support all our projects – and that’s why we really count on you! If you’d like to support us in our work, please email Trish to make a donation. Read on to find out more…

  • Poverty Reduction Act campaignTogether, we sent 1200 emails to the Premier, thumbs_IMG_6664which we also hand-delivered directly to Christy Clark later in November. Thanks also to all those organizations that joined in and wrote really strong letters of support.
  • Under the Rainbow: Queer and trans poverty studyUnder the Rainbow has been really well received by audiences throughout BC – it’s been screened at 20 venues including the exciting premiere at Vancouver’s Queer Film Festival, where it won the Gerry Brunet Award for best BC short film. Book your screening now. We were also able to use the research on queer and trans poverty right away as experts in support of the Vancouver School Board policy on inclusion for queer and trans students, which passed successfully! Now we’ve endorsed the BC Safer Schools Coalition to take that success province-wide.
  • Speaker Series launchDr. Gary Bloch engaged new audiences and existing partners: approximately 550 people reached directly through multiple events – primary care workshop, 2 public events, UBCM presentation, and provincial webinar – and more indirectly through the great media coverage. 300 letters highlighting the health impacts of poverty were sent to the Premier.
  • Poverty Reduction Action CommitteeThis group is for individual youth, seniors and anyone in between who wants to get involved in our work and come up with your own events and campaigns. Right now they’re working on a Poverty Mythbusters campaign. Please join them every last Wednesday of the month.
  • BC: Last place with no poverty reduction planAnd then there was one! Unexpectedly, the Saskatchewan government included the promise to implement a poverty reduction plan in their Throne Speech in October so we came out strong with BC being dead last now! Please email the Premier if you haven’t already. We also have postcards available for any upcoming events so email Trish for a batch.
  • Rethink Giving holiday campaignBC is one of the most generous provinces in Canada in terms of how much we give to charity. We give our time and money because we care about those less fortunate than ourselves. And yet, BC has had one of the highest poverty rates in Canada for the last 13 years. So last year, we launched this annual campaign around the holiday season to get people to shift from charity to justice, featuring a school/work activity called Share the Weight, great poster, and more.
  • Supporting low-income community groups: In safe_imageparticular, it was a privilege to work with Bif Naked and Raise the Rates in bringing a higher profile to the Welfare Food Challenge. Could you eat on $21 for a week? Try it out this October.
  • Youth engagement: Many, many presentations over the year at high schools and youth/teacher conference workshops. Email Trish to book your workshop.
  • Building and engaging Coalition signatories and members: We now have over 400 supporting organizations and over 50 members, and participation and engagement remains high.
  • Enhanced social media platforms and increased membership: Thanks to all who have connected with us on Twitter and FaceBook and spread the word. Your retweets and shares do make a difference. Please join us on social media if you haven’t already.
  • Outreach and communications: Trish has done too many public presentations and takes part in too many outreach meetings to count in order to grow the network and our impact. Our media coverage has really gone up this year, with over 100 hits and 7 op-eds published.
  • Enhanced impact on public and political discourse: More and more people are talking about the need for a poverty reduction plan. Let’s keep the pressure up!
  • Successful fundraising: We’re small but mighty (or we like to think we are anyway!) – just 1.5 staff here to support all our projects. But we have some exciting news: we just received new funding for a PRAC Youth Coordinator so watch this space for the job posting. If you’d like to support us in our work, please email Trish to make a donation.

Thanks again for a great year! Here’s to more success this year!