Stats show B.C. still has one of the highest poverty rates in Canada

On December 17, 2014, Trish Garner, community organizer with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, published an Op-Ed in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight, detailing how BC has reached the milestone of being the last place in Canada when it comes to fighting poverty:

Using the Low Income Cut-Off–After Tax (LICO-AT) as the poverty line, one in 10 British Columbians are living in poverty. That’s 469,000 people struggling to make ends meet.

Using the MBM as a poverty line, we find over one in seven British Columbians living in poverty. That’s a shocking 670,000 people. B.C. now has the second highest poverty rate in Canada after Nova Scotia.

Garner reviews a series of reports and statistics that have recently been published and finds:

If we add this to the mounting evidence I documented here, including the recently published B.C. 2014 Child Poverty Report Card based on a different (taxfiler) data source that found one in five B.C. children are poor, there clearly continues to be an urgent need for a comprehensive poverty reduction plan for B.C. with legislated targets and timelines.

You can read the full article here.