Poverty in BC is a Human Rights Violation

Dec. 10 marks International Human Rights Day, an opportunity to talk about the importance of upholding and defending the basic rights that everyone is entitled to in a free and democratic society. As such, the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition is happy to launch its Human Rights Framework, which serves as a foundation to the work of fighting poverty and establishing a Poverty Reduction Plan as part of Canada’s commitment to Human Rights:

A human rights approach to poverty reduction is based on a fundamental respect for human dignity as opposed to a charitable approach, and is grounded in the experiences and engagement of low-income people and communities. It recognizes people in poverty as rights-bearers entitled to assert legal claims rather than being passive recipients of charitable aid.

The document details instances where International Law supports this approach, and lists multiple interventions by United Nations Rapporteurs who have made strong calls for the Canadian government to live up to its commitments before UN Treaties.

Read the full report here.