Poverty Mythbusters 1st Poster Almost Ready!

image008PRAC’s August meeting was really exciting! This was our first opportunity to see the images taken at the Poverty Mythbusters photoshoot session, and hear a report about some outreach done by PRAC members as well.

Before that, though, we had a brief update from the PRC general meeting by Melanie, who’s our current PRAC representative, and then we jumped into a recap of the outreach she helped us do at North Van’s Lonsdale Quay. We were all surprised to hear that while a lot of people talked to her at the table and were friendly, they seemed to be put off by their perception that we weren’t more overtly “against” charity. People mentioned that they did not agree with food banks, and that they would’ve liked our stance of “justice not charity” to be more visible. Others commented that we should have materials that would be easier to take, like a three-fold leaflet, and generally that more visual and engaging materials would be helpful. She was even approached by a man who bluntly stated that he agreed with our message, even though he was “part of the 1%”! Quite the chance to talk to interesting people!

Then we finally looked at a selection of pictures that Jen put together for us from the photo shoot. We were all really blown away by how great they looked! We saw each image in both colour and B&W, and decided rather unanimously on the first image for our poster. Now it’s time now for Omar to take it and send a more final draft with it for all to comment on!

And so we started chatting about what we should do next: At the PRC general meeting Raise the Rates invited PRAC to co-host with them the first of a series of presentations on the cost of poverty. We were also looking into how to incorporate some of the feedback from the table we had in North Van, and what ideas we had to start promoting both PRAC and the Mythbusters campaign. We decided that we should all meet again in two weeks to talk further, but -more importantly- to start making some materials for our outreach. We also agreed that we should invite someone from Raise the Rates to this meeting to talk more about co-hosting an event. We agreed that it is possible to do this event in about 2 months from now, in late October or early November, and show the documentary Under the Rainbow. This can also be a great way to gear up to the holiday season and figure out how we can re-use our #rethinkgiving materials from last year.

We also had a brief run-down of upcoming events that PRAC could have a table at:

Sept. 1: Labour Day Picnic at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.
Sept. 9-11: SFU Club Days
Sept. 21: Community Food Assets Day at Gordon Neighbourhood House

Finally, we talked about our next monthly meeting, which is scheduled for Wed. Sept. 23. We proposed to move that meeting so that instead we can go to a presentation that the PRC is putting together with Dr. Gary Bloch from Toronto. He is doing a brief tour in BC to speak about the connections of health and poverty, and so we all agreed to have a quick check-in meeting and then attend the event and see if we can help out (with registration, setup, cleanup, etc.). You can view the details of this event here.

So, please make sure to mark your calendars:

Materials-making party & brainstorming session with Raise the Rates!
Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014, 6:30-8:30 PM
Place: 14th floor, 207 West Hastings St (NW Corner of Hastings and Cambie).

Monthly Meeting Check-in
Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014, 6:30-7:00 PM
Place: Segal Rooms, SFU Harbour Centre (515 W Hastings).