PRAC member contacts his MLA, asking her to support Bill M212

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On June 6, PRAC member Omar Chu met with his MLA, Liberal Linda Reimer, to talk about Bill M212: The Poverty Reduction and Economic Inclusion Act, introduced in early May at BC’s Legislature. Omar wanted his MLA to support this Bill, and after some emails were exchanged he sought a meeting to speak personally with her.

After a through presentation of the reasons why Omar believes this Bill is a much-needed initiative in BC, he got a response:

She told me that if the government were to institute this plan, BC would lose their AAA credit rating, investment would flee, and there would be less money for social services. She said that this was the difference between the BC Liberals and their political opponents: “we both care, but they prefer to spend, while we prefer to grow the economy to bring in more money to actually pay for services.”

In the end, Omar is optimistic about convincing MLAs of all political parties to take a deeper look at this Bill, and support it when it gets debated:

Going into the meeting, I knew that I was not going to convince Linda Reimer of the necessity of such a plan, nor do I think that, alone, I deserve such influence. I just hope that the next time Linda Reimer sees Doug Bing around the BC Parliament Buildings, she’ll ask him about the child support clawback, and I hope that my fellow residents will join me in pressuring their MLAs to support a poverty reduction plan.

You can read Omar’s full report of his meeting here.