Organizations submitting letters of support for Poverty Reduction Act!

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Just one week ago Nelson-Creston MLA Michelle Mungall introduced Bill M212 at BC’s Legislature: The Poverty Reduction and Economic Inclusion Act. In response, hundreds of people from across the province have sent messages to BC Premier Christy Clark asking her to support this bill and help tackle poverty at its roots.

And many organizations that recognize the significance of this Bill have also started submitting formal letters of support, which are invaluable to the success of this initiative. Here’s a small sample of what some organizations are saying:

“Living in poverty exacerbates people’s mental illness. It is hard to afford safe, affordable housing, a healthy diet and many other necessities when your income is far below the poverty level. BC desperately needs to improve the economic reality for all citizens. Please support this proposed Act.”
-Peers for Mental Wellness Advocacy Group, Canadian Mental Health Association (Kelowna & District Branch)
You can read the full letter here

“Food security can be a galvanizing point, as we can all agree that it is unacceptable that there are hungry children in this province.”
“[Premier Clark], you now have an opportunity to make history in British Columbia by providing leadership for bi-partisan collaboration and action in addressing the root causes of poverty. Please support Bill M212: The Poverty Reduction and Economic Inclusion Act.”

-Dietitians of Canada, BC Region
You can read the full letter here

If your organization has not yet sent one, please take a moment to write yours right away! And please share them with us so that we can keep track of the mounting pressure.

Thank you for taking action today!