PRAC member’s article published in Victoria’s Times Colonist

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On April 9, 2014 an article written by Poverty Reduction Action Committee member Jenniffer Vallee, titled “B.C. needs a poverty-reduction strategy”, was published in Victoria’s Time Colonist newspaper.

In the article, Jennifer explores the connections between poverty and health: “Over five years of studying, I learned that wellness is fundamentally connected to our physical and social environments. Diving deep into the causes of illness taught me that policy, education, culture, city planning and inequalities are more important to health than biology” and goes on to argue “If we collectively paid for poverty up front instead of through fragmented systems, it would cost less and we would all be better off.”

If you’re interested in the work of the PRAC, please visit our Action Committee website section to find out more. You can read the full article here.