PRAC to launch “Poverty Myth Busters” campaign!

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poverty-mythbustersThis month’s PRAC meeting was unusual in both an unfortunate but also a great way: both Trish and Gil came down with the flu so they could not make it, but PRAC members jumped to the front and organized themselves to have an engaging and productive meeting none-the-less!

After reviewing the discussions of last month’s meetings (including the sub-committee meeting), PRAC members went over the ideas on the table so far, tracking them on a board, and started adding new ones as they came up. There was talk about what ‘the ask’ for the “Poverty Myth Busters” campaign should be, and people liked the notion of organizing different levels of action for people to take. There was also a discussion about how to design mechanisms to measure or keep track of the success of the campaign.

Then the group organized a list of skills and resources of those that were present at the meeting, thought of teams that should be formed to see the project through, and decided that a second subcommittee meeting should happen soon (please fill out this doodle to check what date may the best for you!). At this upcoming meeting many of these proposals will be narrowed down and everyone will be able to sign up for a work team and expand the list of skills & resources with their own, if they haven’t sent them already.

Now for the meaty details! The group agreed that the Poverty Myth Busters campaign will be launched in a timed roll out of still photos (for now the plan is to have one every two weeks for six to eight weeks). Photos and Vines (short videos) will be shot at the same time, since having the logistics of shooting video and photos at the same event seemed the most reasonable. As far as the video, the group thought that making just a “moving photo” wouldn’t be enough.

The photos and videos will be primarily spread on social media, but the photos can also be printed and turned into posters that can be posted in public spaces, schools, community centres, or even sent to newspapers. Other ideas were to add a QR code on the posters that can be scanned with a smartphone and then leads people to a website.

The teams that were proposed for this campaign are:

Communications (3 members)- They would create a communication strategy and lead the dissemination of the campaign’s materials. Andrew has already signed up!

Coordination (3 members)- They would oversee the campaign, facilitate communication between teams, work on the project’s timeline and check for deadlines, a possible budget, etc. Jennifer has signed up for this one.

Production (4 members)- The team would be in charge of setting up the photo shoot event, coordinating talent, skills, resources needed to complete the photo shoot, etc. Omar and Raymond have already signed up.

Content creation (4 members)- This team would be in charge of selecting images and materials to be used for the photos, compiling stats and making the connections to the broader themes of the campaign. Tarini and Jennifer are already on board.

Workshop Team– While this team is not directly related to the Poverty Myth Busters campaign, this team would be working on the “How to talk to politicians” workshop, and would take on tasks such as recruiting speakers, organizing the logistics of the workshop, looking for a venue, etc.

Phew! Lots already has been done! Please remember to fill in the doodle so we can all meet again soon and keep working to make sure this awesome campaign happens. If you have any ideas or comments before that, please send them over by email. Also, remember that the PRAC will always be an open space, so if you have friends or connections who may be interested in coming to the next meeting, pass on the message or ask them to get in touch!

And please remember, the next regular PRAC meeting will be on Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 6:30 PM. We will meet at the BCPRC office (14th Floor, 207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver; NW Corner of Hastings and Cambie), and everyone’s welcomed too.

See you soon!