Success at the UBCM!

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In support of our members, Raise the Rates and Faith in Action, we were successful at the recent Union of BC Municipalities (lots of mayors and city councillors) in getting 2 key resolutions passed: raising the welfare rates and eliminating the need for food banks by providing food security! The question is: will the provincial government listen?

Thanks for your support and powerful speeches: Councillors Lisa Helps (Victoria), Andrea Reimer (Vancouver), Judy Villeneuve (Surrey), Peggy Wilmot (Faith in Action), and those on welfare, Victoria Bull, Colleen Boudreau and Fraser Stuart. See the full resolutions below.


UBCM Resolutions


WHEREAS the amount of support given to individuals on disability, welfare, and/or old age security is inadequate to support people’s basic human needs in terms of adequate shelter, clothing, food, and other basic necessities, based on today’s cost of living;

AND WHEREAS this forces individuals, who are obliged by circumstance to utilize these programs, to live in a manner that violates basic human rights and dignity:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM request the provincial and federal governments to increase the basic support allowance given to these individuals to a level that reflects the true cost of living in our country.

B56      ENSURE FOOD SECURITY                        Victoria

WHEREAS income security and food security are inextricably bound, and the number of people who are food insecure in municipalities in BC continues to rise in spite of an ever-growing number of charitable food redistribution efforts;

AND WHEREAS enabling people to feed themselves with dignity requires everyone’s participation, and Canada is obligated under international law to provide an adequate standard of living which includes the human right to adequate food and nutrition; with the most comprehensive way to do this being for all levels of government to accept their responsibilities to develop policies and programs that will end hunger in Canada:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM urge the provincial government to ensure food security for all British Columbians and eliminate the need for food banks by implementing measures that provide adequate and accessible income support for the non-employed and improve the earnings of those in the low-wage workforce.