Imagine a World Without Food Banks

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(Campaign by Faith in Action, Victoria. Supported by BC Poverty Reduction Coalition.)

Take Action Against Hunger: Get Your City Council on Board!

Faith in Action are advocating for the elimination of food banks within their community. Having volunteered at the food bank for years, their members are now calling for long-term, sustainable solutions to the problem of hunger and are challenging all levels of government to rebuild Canada’s social safety net and end systemic poverty.

They are trying to get city councillors to pass a resolution to eliminate food banks by 2018 and are raising awareness within their community through events featuring a food bank debate, which initiates a dialogue about food banks and the larger issues of charity and hunger.

Please use and adapt the following resources to take action within your community:

Municipal Resolution

“Be it resolved that the City of _______________ pledges to encourage the provincial and federal governments to ensure food security for all citizens and eliminate the need for food banks by 2018.” Full Resolution.
– Find a local city councillor who supports this resolution to bring this forward to council.

Background Information

Community Events