Walk for Welfare Justice, March 27

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With Raise the Rates and others, we are involved with organizing a Walk for Welfare Justice on Wednesday, March 27. The purpose is to highlight the need for a real and significant increase in welfare rates as part of a comprehensive anti-poverty plan.

We will start at Christy Clark’s office (3615 West 4th Ave), delivering an open letter to her or her staff and will then walk across town, holding brief soapbox meetings at main intersections, to Adrian Dix’s office (5022 Joyce Street), where again we will deliver an open letter. There will be a news conference/rally at the start and finish.

We are inviting people to join us for all or part of the walk. You are welcome to bring banners and home made placards. We are working on the details of food, toilets, support transport (there will be an escort vehicle if people need help, etc), etc.

Download the poster here.

Below is the timetable of the walk. If you have any questions, please contact Bill Hopwood,

Time Location Distance from previous (km)
9:00 am Assemble Carnegie, breakfast and load vehicle
9:35 Leave Carnegie, drive to Christy Clark’s office, 3615 West 4th Ave
10:15 Assemble CC’s office 3615 West 4th Ave
10:45 Leave: CC’s office 3615 West 4th Ave
11:30 Arrive: Broadway & MacDonald


11:45 Leave: Broadway & MacDonald (after ‘soap box’)
12:05 Arrive: Broadway and Granville


12:15 Leave: Broadway and Granville (after ‘soap box’)
12:35 Arrive: Welfare Office, 828 W 8th


12:45 Leave: Welfare Office, 828 W 8th (after ‘soap box’)
13:10 Arrive: Broadway & Main


13:35 Leave: Broadway & Main (after ‘soap box’ & lunch at Rhizome)
14:05 Arrive: Broadway & Commercial


14:15 Leave: Broadway & Commercial (after ‘soap box’)
14:55 Arrive: Welfare Office, 2280 Kingsway


15:05 Leave: Welfare Office, 2280 Kingsway (after ‘soap box’)
15:35 Arrive: Kingsway/Joyce/41


15:45 Leave: Kingsway/Joyce/41 (after ‘soap box’)
16:00 Arrive: Adrian Dix’s office, 5022 Joyce Street


16:30 Leave: Adrian Dix’s office, 5022 Joyce Street
Total distance