Support Those Who Aren’t Employed

The current income assistance system in BC is fundamentally broken. People in desperate need are being denied assistance, and if lucky enough to navigate all the structural and administrative barriers to welfare and have their application accepted, they are subjected to a life of “survival,” struggling to meet the most basic needs of shelter and food. 

What’s in the government’s TogetherBC Plan?

  • Small increases to income and disability assistance and increases to crisis supplements: basic welfare is now $760/month; disability $1235/month.
  • Some of the cruelest elements of the system were eliminated or limited.
  • Expanding access to Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers Program, including allowing access for people with addictions.

What Priority Actions are We Still Fighting For?

  • Raise welfare and disability rates to 75% of the poverty line (Market Basket Measure) immediately and to 100% of the line within 2 years.
  • Continue to work on a culture shift within the Ministry that treats people with respect and dignity, including eliminating clawbacks and arbitrary barriers that discourage, delay and deny people in need.

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