Send a Valentine’s Day card to your MLA

Last Fall, MLA Shane Simpson introduced a private member’s Bill proposing a BC Poverty Reduction Act. If adopted, it would see the government develop a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy within one year, including legislated targets and timelines to reduce the breadth and depth of poverty in our province.

Today, MLAs are returning to the Legislature for the Spring Session where they will discuss this important Act. Let’s join together and urge them to have a heart and support the BC Poverty Reduction Act. Please send this Valentine’s Day card (see below) to the Premier and your local MLA. It will only take a few minutes but it will send a strong message when we all do it together:

1. Find your MLA’s email address with the MLA Finder
2. Drag the image below to your desktop
3. Copy and paste the image into an email to your MLA and Christy Clark (

Valentine's Day card for your MLA

Thanks for your continued support!