The Yukon Department of Health and Social Services released the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Strategy in December 2012. Its creation involved multiple government departments and non-government advocacy organizations, such as the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition and Yukon’s Status of Women Council.

The Plan

  1. Reduce inequities (e.g. skill enhancement)
  2. Improve access to services (e.g. education, health care, transportation)
  3. Fortify community vitality

The report proposes to direct social policies, services and programs to reduce poverty and foster social inclusion. Although the report is presented as an action plan, it is more of a descriptive document.


  • The Yukon Housing Corporation has also recently expanded their mandate in a new five-year strategic plan and committed to establishing a Yukon-wide housing action plan.


The Yukon government does not make reference to a human rights framework in regards to eliminating poverty. The Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Strategy has been criticized as a mere list of guiding principles without new initiatives or changes to funding. According to the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition, housing support for economically disadvantaged populations is practically nonexistent.

For more detailed analysis, visit Canada Without Poverty’s Poverty Progress Profiles and the Caledon Institute’s Canada Social Report.