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The cost of living in the North is much higher due to the geography and remoteness of the Territories. As a result, there are glaring disparities between Yukon and the rest of Canada.

In December 2012, The Yukon Department of Health and Social Services released A Better Yukon for All: Government of Yukon’s Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Strategy. The strategy contains the following three goals: 1) Improving Access to Services; 2) Reducing Inequality; and 3) Strengthening Community Vitality. Although its main purpose is to guide social policy development, there have been no updates on the strategy since it was released six years ago. Furthermore, the Speech from the Throne, delivered on April 20, 2017, did not mention poverty at all.

In July 2017, the Government of Yukon hosted a poverty reduction and housing forum “to broaden understanding of the connection between housing and poverty,” and build on the work already underway as part of the ten-year Housing Action Plan for Yukon 2015-2025.

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