Northwest Territories

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After years of work and consultations among community stakeholders across the Northwest Territories, the government approved Building on the Strengths of Northerners: A Strategic Framework toward the Elimination of Poverty in the NWT in 2013. In 2014, the Strategic Framework gave way to a more proactive action plan with the Government of the Northwest Territories Anti-Poverty Action Plan.

The Government of the Northwest Territories has stated that it considers the Anti-Poverty Action Plan to be a living document that can be updated to reflect the changing realities of poverty in the territory. In March 2016, the government hosted the third annual Anti-Poverty Roundtable, where government representatives, Indigenous governments, civil society organizations, and businesses met in Yellowknife to discuss recent efforts to address poverty. After these annual roundtables, comments are implemented in the next iterations of the territorial anti-poverty action plan.

The Plan

  1. Children and family support
  2. Healthy living and reaching our potential
  3. Safe and affordable housing
  4. Sustainable communities
  5. Integrated continuum of services


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