BC has no poverty reduction plan.

We have the highest poverty rate in Canada, but we remain in the minority of provinces with no poverty reduction plan!

Why does BC need a plan?

  1. Despite being one of the wealthiest provinces in the country, 12% of the population – that’s over half a million British Columbians – live in poverty
  2. BC’s child poverty rate, at 12%, is the highest in Canada for the eighth year in a row
  3. Most poor people are working, and almost half of BC’s poor children live in families where at least one parent has a full-time, full-year job
  4. In a typical month last year, over 90,000 people in BC used food banks: 1 in 3 of them were children and 1 in 7 were Aboriginal
  5. We are failing as a province, particularly in relation to health, inequality, housing, crime, and our children
  6. Poverty reduction is a sound investment for our province, our communities and our selves
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