Income Inequity and the Community Response:

A Video Conference Forum with Dr. Richard Wilkinson

December 14, 2010, 9am – 12 noon
Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, Surrey, Abbotsford
, Nelson, Duncan, Smithers, Terrace, Fort St. John, Prince Rupert
This 3 hour forum will explore the question of why more equal societies do better on a variety of measures: health, wellness and productivity. It is an opportunity to share knowledge and perspectives with Dr. Richard Wilkinson, one of the world’s leading experts on this topic.  Dr. Richard Wilkinson’s work has shaped research on the social determinants of health for over thirty years.  Recently, he co-authored the international best-seller The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better with Kate Pickett, a ground breaking book that has transformed our views on the interactions between income inequality and health.

The Forum will bring together people working on poverty reduction at the community level to provide updates from around BC on local initiatives to reduce income inequality and its impacts. An interactive discussion with participants will further our understanding of effective strategies to improve the societal response to income inequity.

Main Site:
Room 1900, Fletcher Challenge Theatre
Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver

Interactive Video Conference Sites

To register in Prince George, Victoria, Surrey, Abbotsford, Nelson, and  Duncan visit:

To register in Prince Rupert, Smithers, Terrace, and Fort St. John contact:  info [at] bcpovertyreduction [dot] ca