Complaint filed to amend shelter allowance reductions

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The Pivot Legal Society and Westcoast LEAF have filed a complaint with the Ombudsmen of BC regarding the reduction of families’ shelter allowances and the impact this practice has on keeping kids in the foster care system.

When a child is in temporary foster care, social workers are charged with returning the children safely to their parents as soon as possible. Although family reunification is the goal, when a child is placed in the temporary care of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, their family shelter allowance is reduced to that of a single person, currently $375 per month, by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development.

For poor families and single mothers in particular, the reduction in shelter allowance is devastating, often resulting in the loss of family housing. If a parent loses their housing because their shelter allowance has been cut, the possibility of reuniting children with their family is significantly compromised because there is no longer a safe place for the child to be returned to, or even to visit.

For more info visit Pivot’s news release.