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  1. Sign our New Open Letter and psst…pass it on.
  2. Upcoming consultations on Child Poverty in BC
  3. Provincial Legislature debates poverty reduction motion

We’ve renewed our call and so should you!
If you have not already, please renew your endorsement of our call and sign the new open letter: “A Call for a BC Poverty Reduction Plan”. Add your name and pass it on in a few easy steps:

The issue of poverty is a priority for British Columbians and your support through the 2009 provincial election ensured that it was on the agenda for our politicians. BC needs a bold plan to end poverty and homelessness in our province and we hope you’ll continue to work with us toward this goal.

Upcoming Consultations on Child Poverty in BC
In response to a request from the Representative for Children and Youth, BC’s Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth has committed to holding a meeting with stakeholders on child poverty. The date for the meeting is yet to be announced, but the Committee is already receiving written submissions from interested parties that will be referenced in the consultation. The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition and many of our members will be submitting our recommendations relevant to child poverty and we encourage others to do so.

Submissions and letters of interest can be sent to:

Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth
Office of the Clerk of Committees
Room 224, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC V8V 1X4

Copies can also be sent to the Chair and Vice-Chair:

Joan McIntyre
East Annex, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC V8V 1X4

Maurine Karagianis
Room 201, Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC V8V 1X4

Provincial Legislature debates Poverty Reduction motion
Our call has made it to the floor! The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition would like to thank our provincial legislature for taking the time to discuss the dire need for a poverty reduction strategy for BC. We encourage them now to take bold action and introduce a comprehensive plan.

In a meeting of the legislature on March 29, 2010 Vancouver-Hastings MLA Shane Simpson brought forward a motion that the BC government seriously consider a poverty reduction plan:

“It’s time for us in this province to move forward, to put a poverty reduction strategy in place, to join the six other provinces in this country that are moving ahead with poverty reduction strategies — provinces from across the political spectrum. It’s time that we had a comprehensive plan that deals with housing, with child care, with training and with income levels. It’s time we had a plan that set targets and timelines for this province to bring the rates of poverty in this province down from the embarrassing levels that we have, having more people in poverty per capita than anywhere in Canada. It’s embarrassing. It’s shocking.”

The debate that followed reveals a great deal about the climate and appetite for poverty reduction in this province and offers us some valuable insight as we move our call forward. To view the debate that followed see the Hansard transcript.

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Many thanks for your support!


The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition