A Win for a Living Wage

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Congrats New West! New Westminster City Council voted unanimously to adopt the first municipal Living Wage policy in Canada. They have used the Living Wage Coalition’s definition of the family living wage (meaning, modelled on a family of four with two young children), and applied the policy to both direct staff and contractors. This motion now sets a national standard/precedent for similar policies/bylaws. Hopefully, other cities will follow soon.

The motion was as follows:

“That the City establish a Living Wage Policy that is tied to an hourly rate established each year by the Living Wage for Families Campaign; and,

That the Living Wage policy will apply to both full time and part time employees; and,

That there be no threshold in terms of dollar value of a contract or number of employees; and,

That the policy apply to persons that perform physical work on City premises and properties; and,

That staff bring back information to Council regarding implications of the Living Wage on contracted services.”

Listen to a panel discussion on The CBC’s The Current.