BC Legislature debates poverty reduction motion

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Our call has made it to the floor! The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition would like to thank our provincial legislature for taking the time to discuss the dire need for a poverty reduction strategy for BC. We encourage them now to take bold action and introduce a comprehensive plan.

Vancouver-Hastings MLA Shane Simpson recently brought forward a motion that the BC government seriously consider a poverty reduction plan:

“It’s time for us in this province to move forward, to put a poverty reduction strategy in place, to join the six other provinces in this country that are moving ahead with poverty reduction strategies — provinces from across the political spectrum. It’s time that we had a comprehensive plan that deals with housing, with child care, with training and with income levels. It’s time we had a plan that set targets and timelines for this province to bring the rates of poverty in this province down from the embarrassing levels that we have, having more people in poverty per capita than anywhere in Canada. It’s embarrassing. It’s shocking.”

To view the debate that followed see the Hansard transcript.